For Partner.

Thank you for showing interest working with CrowdMSP, at our platform we provide talent through our network of staffing and recruiting professionals through crowd-based hiring model. Our transparent process, terms and talent search engagement from job order management until resource delivery can be done through our platform. We are looking forward for partnering with below individuals and businesses.

Staffing Agency

If you are an staffing agency based out of United States and requires our help to recruit talent for your jobs with your clients. CrowdMSP partners with you to crowd recruit talent on a split fee partnership basis on the job agreed to be shared with us. Our registered seasonal staffing professionals will then work on those job orders to find the best match out of their professional and social networks by identifying, attracting and engaging active and passive talent pool. Once you sign an agreement between CrowdMSP and your staffing agency we will work with our recruitment network on a flat fee basis or % based on the terms we decide with you.

Business Partner

If you are an independent recruiter who has business or you are someone who can refer business to CrowdMSP, we have an exciting earning opportunity even if you engage passively on the platform you earn just by referring clients to our platform and you earn a part of profits of that engagement with your referral until that referral stays with our platform.

You can become a business partner:
• If have a business with you and you are looking for recruiting help on which you are willing to work with CrowdMSP on a split partner basis.
• If you have clients who has demand for permanent or full time hiring but your business deals only on contracting, you can refer those clients to us and we will work your referral and on each successful placement you get paid until we have referral engaging with us for business.

Freelance BD & Sales

If you are willing to work on a commission based business development and sales job for making a really good part time income, we encourage you to sign up as a Freelance BD & Sales partner, you will get paid on each placement deal closing of your clients until the contract last between you and CrowdMSP. Usually we sign a one year contract but we are always open to discuss.

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